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Getfitonline was started by a group of trainers who have excellent knowledge of training across many fields. Their aim is to cater to their clients needs as best as possible.

In order for us to provide a better service, we understand that our clients can get better results with a particular trainer. As we are a team we often share ideas and success stories. This ensures that you get to benefit from not just one trainer but the whole team’s experience.


What We do

Getfitonline provides quality service at an affordable price. We enter all your data and create a personalised program for you.

We then monitor your progress through our system and make adjustments to your program as necessary. Some of our online training plans include meal planners to make sure you get maximum results. With this system we can carefully monitor your progress to make sure you are constantly moving forward towards your goals. With our vast client base and our great team work ethic the team let the team at Getfitonline take care of your fitness needs and see you achieving your goal in no time.


Customised programs

At Getfitonline we know that in order for you to get maximum results you need a program that is tailor-made for you.

We understand that your goals, health, history and measurements are going to different from other clients. The hallmark of our success is that our programs are aimed at you, the client, helping your reach your goals as quick as possible.

Our programs have all your details recorded with clear simple to read instructions. Duration and rest periods are also clearly displayed for you.

If you are unsure about how certain exercises are performed, you can check our online exercise database, which we keep updated. If this doesn’t help you, you can of course ask one of our team members who will gladly instruct you.

Success Stories


At getfitonline achieving your goal is our goal. Our trainers are familiar with the latest training techniques, equipment and are all fully qualified to conduct fitness regimes for you. We offer a unique service that suits you and is 100%...

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